Freelance engineering & consultancy for video games and creative media


Kaizen Gameworks + Promise Mascot Agency
Working on gameplay, physics, audio design, visual effects, Unreal Engine customisation, platform delivery & optimisation.
Directed, captured and edited the 2024 announcement trailer.


Flaming Fowl Studios + Core Tech
Low-level C++ technology development & consultancy.

Gibson/Martelli + MotionRiver
Unreal LiveLink Mocap plugin maintenance & network debugging.

Kaizen Gameworks + Paradise Killer
Handled the console ports to Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS4, PS5 as well as the upgrade on PC (Steam, GoG, EGS) and Switch.


Kinetix + Autodesk + Kuju + NaturalMotion + Lionhead + Rare + Hello Games + Glowmade + Jumpship

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